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Wild-Farm at Juniper Springs

Re-Wilding the way we farm, from healthy soil to a thriving community

We are creating a farm with a cause. We partnered with a non-profit 508 ministry. We believe that the skills to take care of ourselves, each other, and the earth, are humanities' birth right. We want everyone who is motivated to grow food, process or cook food to have confidence in their skills. When we work together we are all fed.

It is crucial in rural areas to be in harmony with your neighbors. We want to support our home valley to become more sustainable in our farming and livestock management by increasing eco & agro-tourism. Our land will bring more tourism to our valley as well as offer a space to grow, sell, and serve the local foods produced here to traveling guests.

We will provide camps and educational offerings for youth of all ages and will always provide scholarships for those in need. There are a high number of world-renowned permaculture educators and natural home builders in our area. We will hire/partner with them to offer workshops on our land and welcome students from around the world to come learn. 

We will develop an ‘Edible Art Park’ in collaboration with local artists and youth. We will utilize many items that have been created previously for events and repurpose them, and we will also commission new pieces to be created with found objects and nature from this land. We will have the artists act as mentors for youth in the collaborative construction of the art pieces. 

Our visitors will be given an 'Art Map' to explore the land. You will be able to pick up a picnic basket at the farm cafe to take with you and enjoy along the way in one of our beautiful lounging areas.

Image by Bill Fairs
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by April Klein

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