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Experiences at Juniper Springs

We invite you to co-create a trip or an event of a lifetime with us! Our land and team are equipped with the tools and know-how to make anything you desire come to life. You can be involved with the planning or let us surprise you with an experience that blows you and your guests away.

Whether you are visiting by yourself, with your family, a group of friends, or with your team, we can enhance your stay in many ways....

Image by Andy Kelly

Art and Building

*Coming spring 2024* We will have a full maker's shop and art studios filled to the brim with the tools and materials to make your creative visions into reality. You can book a one-on-one session with a mentor/designer, take a group class, or co-create an intensive workshop for yourself, family or team.


Our valley is brimming with outdoor excursions. We have partnered with the best in our area to offer stand-up paddle boarding, horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, rafting, skiing, & more! When booking a stay or event we can put together any experience that you desire and transport you & your group. We also offer daily/weekly excursions for you to join with other guests & get to know some new friends. 

Water touring
Beauty Salon

Therapeutics & Healing

With a spa and healing center on site (coming winter 2024), massage therapists on-call, and a valley filled with any type of healing modality you can imagine, we can curate a uniquely therapeutic experience for you and your group. We also offer cleanses and food based healing programs.

Themed Events

Whatever world you want to be in, we can make, such as: Lord of the Rings, a Renaissance Faire, a masquerade party, or even the Scottish Highland Games. Whatever your imagination desires, our team can bring it to life. With enough notice we can make any themed event you desire; complete with attire, characters, themed food, games, music, and more!

Masquerade Costume
Organic Garden
Organic Garden

Permaculture & Homesteading

On our 44 acre natural wonderland we are developing Wild Farm, a food forest and education center. Each day our team is working the land, stewarding the animals and processing the harvest. You are invited to book a one-on-one class or group workshop to learn about the process of stewarding this land, how to set up a homestead or wild farm of your own.  In our processing center and kitchen we offer classes in canning, cooking, fermentation, and more!

Earth Skills & Survival

As the world gets more technically inclined and digitally connected we find it important to teach the time-tested techniques for thriving in nature. You can book a wild foraging plant walk, an herbalism class, or a survival skills mini-course (shelter building, fire making, hunting & gathering, campfire cooking etc.). In any of these offerings you will learn tools to feel more empowered. This is especially fun and rewarding for families and co-working teams.

Baguette & Cheese

Farm to Table Cooking &

Our valley is filled with all sorts of food, wine and beer. We offer culinary, wine and hemp tours as well as source incredible ingredients for our on-site cooking classes. We are building a large kitchen that our chefs will offer one-on-one and group classes for our guests in everything from traditional french cuisine and ancient preservation techniques to modern uses of dehydration and freeze drying. We also offer farm-to-table dinners that you can book for 2-200 people. 

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